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How frustrating is it to feel hostage to a foreign nation every time it decides to raise oil prices!.


Don't you feel this way when:

  • It's hot outside and you have to limit the use of your air conditioner (specially when sleeping)

  • When you want to bake a cake and wonder how much it's going to cost to keep the oven on.

  • Your kids are constantly using the microwave oven to cook their foods. (Poor working moms!)

  • When in summer your kids keep opening the refrigerator.

  • When you have to limit the time taking a shower because the water heater consumes electricity.

  • When you use a fan to dry your hair instead of the hair blower.

  • I think you get the the message...doesn't this sound familiar?

What about our environment when we transform oil  into energy?

  • Global warming

  • CO2 emissions

  • Air pollution, water pollution....

  • The list could go on...

I hate to sound pessimistic but on top of all of this, I also have to mention that we are on the worst economic turndown the planet has seen so far.

Why not save the money from your electric bills and use it to pay your mortgage, loans, FOOD, a family walk in the park, go to a fast food restaurant...the basic things you would like to do with your family and at the same time help the environment and the economy.

Solar Energy Savings

 Estimated Solar Energy Savings

I Thought the Sun Was Our Planet's Basic Source of Energy?

Guess what?...It is!

A basic law in physics is that energy can't be created nor destroyed...only transformed. In other words, take the sun's solar energy and transform it into the energy you need. There are many other sources of energy like wind power but they are all generated from our sun.

Can you really make electricity at home and reduce your power bill?... You certainly can and many people are doing it. You can also do it yourself!

Learn how YOU can create electricity at home and drastically reduce you power bill

Imagine the Benefits

  • Building your own power system doesn't have to be expensive. It could be less than $200.
  • Save hundreds of dollars from your power bill.
  • When power is down from your utility company, you'll be the envy of your community.
  • You could build relationships with your neighbors when you can offer energy to them when there's an emergency.
  • Teach your kids to respect the environment. They'll learn to enjoy it.
  • Use that saved money to stimulate your "house hold economy".
  • Peace of mind when turning on your appliances.

Help Yourself And The Environment

Make Power - Don't Buy It

Learn how to make this a reality now when we have the sources and techniques available to do so.

Visit the official Earth4Energy website now